Always better to stay in the surface where it is sunny and warm,
Cos when you go underneath you’ll learn that the light barely gets through–

And it’s cold and dark and although you know the world is out there,
You couldn’t shake that empty feeling off.

And you start to get comfortable,
And though you know it’s gonna get you,
It’s gonna drown you—

You’ve somehow made peace with that.

Then you keep thinking of things that make you feel worse,
Til the weight of the words pull you down deeper,
Deeper til you couldn’t feel your limbs,
Deeper til your eyes water and your head implodes–

Deeper, til there is nothing but the deep.

And you float there, in silence,
And nothing else matters.

I wish it was that easy
To escape, to get away–
To be free from this prison that is my own mind,
Or if not, at least from this life.

I wish it was that easy.


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