Nothing Hurts

Nothing hurts.
A hollow pit in my chest,
Paralyzing my palms;
Nothing hurts.

Nothing hurts.
A vast emptiness in my core,
A chasm beneath my feet.
Nothing hurts.

Nothing hurts.


5 thoughts on “Nothing Hurts

  1. ʞɐ says:

    I don’t know why I was singing this, but I was.
    May be you could sing your poems. It would be great. 🙂

    Anyhow, keep writing. 😀

    • Andy says:

      I do sing some of them. But I still haven’t overcome the shyness and I tend to forget all the melodies when I’ve expressed what I wanted. It’s a working progress 😂

      • ʞɐ says:

        Oh, that’s great. May be record them? You will get an idea about what changes you need to make about the melody. Ok, I don’t know anything about music, so may be I am not the right person to be suggesting.
        Hope to get your youtube link, someday soon, which could go viral. 😜

      • Andy says:

        Haha! Well I record them but I don’t wanna listen to them again 😂 I guess it’s more of an outlet for me. But I’ll get there, I’ll keep you posted hahaha

      • ʞɐ says:

        I bet they would be great.

        And you know I can listen to them. Send them across to me.

        Wish I could sing. Too bad I am too bad at writing and my voice is the terrible-est.

        Will be looking forward to your posts, I mean YT links. 🙂

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