I could turn days into weeks into months
But when I see your name,
Why do I still care?

I could turn memories into stories into verses
But when I see your trace,
Why does it still ache?

I couls weave pain into words into poems
But when I notice your absence,
Why does it still hurt?


Nothing Hurts

Nothing hurts.
A hollow pit in my chest,
Paralyzing my palms;
Nothing hurts.

Nothing hurts.
A vast emptiness in my core,
A chasm beneath my feet.
Nothing hurts.

Nothing hurts.


I’m running away
And I’m not gonna miss you.

I’m forgetting the way
You fondly play with my hair
And how you smile as you sigh
With the warmth in your eyes
And how they twinkle like stars in the night.

I’m forgetting the way
You called my name
And said that you needed me
How you told me unspeakable thoughts
You’d never dare tell a soul.

I’m forgetting the way
I forgave what you did
Hoping things’ll be better off
If I could be strong for the both of us
As long as I have you with me.

I’m forgetting the way
I shoved her name behind my mind
Because I wanted to believe that I am enough
And I am the one you chose.

I’m forgetting the way
You forget about me
And push me away with your silence
Knowing it kills me the most.

I’m forgetting.


Step forward as I pass you by
And you do the same.

A little closer.

Step backward as we get uncomfortably close,
Well never be the same.

Somehow farther.

You come back right when I’m about to go,
Always been this way.

Somewhat sad.

You step away before the music ends,
I waltz alone.

Somehow graceful,
Somehow fine.