Reasons, Maybe

We were so similar, I think
Too similar, in fact
That we were asking the same things
At the same time
When we both had none to give.

We got familiar, I think
Too familiar, in fact
That we thought were were sailing smoothly
When the truth is
We weren’t.

We got comfortable, I think
Too comfortable, in fact
That we thought this love would conquer all
When the truth is
We’re just young and gullible like everybody else.

You might say it isn’t me
Or that you want to be alone
Or that there is something wrong with you
Or that you just don’t know what that exactly is
But you cannot stop me from thinking
That it probably is me.
Something I said, or didn’t
Something I did, or didn’t
Something I am, or am not.

They say you’d be back
But I don’t know, really
There must be something with me, something I lack
And you probably know exactly

They say you’d be back
And with all my heart, yes I do honestly hope so
But at the same time
Knowing you, and how you are now
You probably wouldn’t
And that is the truth I’m scared to face.

They say you’d be back
Maybe it is a trap
For me to hope and wait
But then again such thing isn’t needed
For I’d do that without anyone asking.

We got too similar, familiar, comfortable
It must be me or something I am not
Still, they say you’d be back
And though my mind says no
As long as my heart keeps says keep hoping,
I shall.


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