Go on, child
Pick up a stone
Throw it out the pond in your mind
And let the ripples flow where they do–
Tell me–
Do they make a sound?
Do they tickle your mind?
Do they make you scratch your head in wonder?

Go on, child
Get up, and pick up that twig
Swing it til it feels like part of your arm
And let the wind swirl around you–
Tell me–
Does it scare you?
Does it make your spine shiver with cold?
Does it make you feel any different from that four-walled room of yours?

Go on, child
Use that paint and draw your own sky
Your palm is your brush and the world is your canvas–
Tell me–
Does it inspire you?
Does it excite you?
Does it make you feel bigger than you were yesterday?

Go on, child
The world is what you make it
I can offer you nothing, but kind words and this ticket
It’s a free pass, but you must not forget–
Tell me–
Tell yourself–
Tell the world.


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