Doctor’s Orders

For months I struggled.
Eat half an hour late and I throw up.
Eat too early and I throw up.
Eat a little too much and I throw up.

It is worst in the morning.
Oversleep for an hour.
Is that bile?
Try to compensate and eat something substantial.
Feel full for minutes and spit the same thing out–
Back up the same passage it came in.

Eat and sit still.
Sit straight.
Slide down a little and forget for a few minutes.
Is it coming back up?
Sit up. Sit up.
Would be worse if it does.

No pesky H. pylori.
Not a trace,
Just a ton of skipped meals.
Of overcompensated,
Unscheduled meals.
Is it stress related? Maybe.

Caused by stress.
Causes stress.

For now I try.
Meals — never skip, never rush.
Water — lots of it.
Stress — I try, I try.

I haven’t been back to her office.
She says I would be fine.
I hope, I hope.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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