A single heartbeat
From the heart, shot up through the arms,
Straight to the palm.
A sensation
Of falling,
Of losing grip,
Of losing,
Of no control.

Falling. Drowning.
On words of faceless strangers.
To drown out my thoughts.
To forget what they brought.
To forget the need to feel.
To forget the need.
To forget to feel.

The hysteria of the senseless.
The screams, tears, and laughter.
The empty words, light as dust.
Embrace my mind
Away from thoughts
Away from feeling
Away from living.
Keep it masked
From the truth that is a lie,
From a lie you want as truth.

The empty.
The void.
It has never been so endearing,
So inviting, so comforting.
It has never called to me
So much that I had banished
Traces of this world
While I am in it.


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