Did You Know?

I still read your works,
Did you know?
The first two parts
Of a three part series, it says.

I still feel the sadness,
Did you know?
The very few words
I knew you uttered from the heart.

I still see the fear,
Did you know?
Of being alone,
Lost in your own home.

I still wonder,
Did you know?
If I shed a bit of light on you,
Even the littlest part of what you did, on me.

I still wonder,
Did you know?
Why you left it hanging there,
Like an abandoned promise
Waiting for your mercy
To finish it,
Or to release if from its burden of existence,
Or perhaps,
Nothing to do with it.
An eternal Limbo for your words
An unfinished universe
Doomed to hold onto the very few words uttered by its creator.

I still wait,
Did you know?
For your answers that never came.
For your silence to end.
For you to share what you have planned.
Did you know?


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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