Late Night Monologue

What if it isn’t me?
What if I’ve been imagining
The whole time?
All along?

What if it’s all my head?
Just a figment of imagination of a dying heart?
A deceptive flicker of a dying light?

What if I stop this?
The only thing that keeps me alive
And the only thing that kills me–
What if?

And if I do so,
What if?
What if in doing so
I lose my words?
I lose the lines?
What if I lose the rhythm that keeps me sane?
What if I lose this song?

I will never find the answer
Until I’m ready to live
Or die
From the answers themselves
So until then
I’ll keep asking
Night after night
I’ll keep writing
Question after question

So until then
I must try
To set my heart at peace
With whatever I have today
I must try
To rest my heart
My mind
My body
My eyes.
I must try.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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