Just a Person in the Back

Your life is a movie
And I,
A person in the back.
Just there to watch
To fill in the void
To make things seem
And alive.
And I can’t fail to notice you
At the center stage
And I looked on
Minding less
Of my very own play.

But sometimes
Often times
I forget my place.
I’m just another person.
Someone in the background.
Blended with the rest of the world
As you say your lines
Of who hears it
Of whom it hurts.
I forget my place
And step in
One foot at a time
And you’d notice sometimes
And smile at me
Often times
Tell me
To get back in line.

I’m just a person in the background
And I exist in your world
Only when you want me to.
But know
That there is a reason why
I stay on
I wait on
And if the reason goes
So do I
And by then you’ll stop
And notice that
Something’s amiss
But never be able to point out
What that is.

Should that time come
Though I hope it not to
Remember too
That I have a stage of my own
And you are welcome to join
Or to meet me at the back.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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