Like Rain

Like a giant cloud
Out on a stroll
Leaving its mark
By the shadow it casts.

Like rain.
You fell like rain.
Slow and unassuming.
Just passing by
Taking things “easy,”
Of the grace and curses
It cause me.

Like the sun.
Warm like the sun.
Shining down
To dry the tears away
To complete
The cozy corner
I found myself in
Somewhere in your heart.

Like the wind
Silent and omnipresent
You make yourself known
When the wind blows
When you want to make yourself known.

And like wind
Like air
You make me smile with the breeze.
And make me ache for you
And literally
When you leave
And I only remember you
Only miss you
Only remember that I miss you
Only when I breathe.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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