I know this now
That the cliffs
And plains
Valleys and mountains of your mind
Aren’t mine to map,
Not mine to walk
Not mine to master
For I have my own map to conquer,
And so do you–
And these
Are our journeys–
That we have to take alone,
That if you get tired
Of climbing your mountains
Or scared
Of jumping into your oceans
You can rest on my plateau
My shoulders
My hands
And I won’t make it hard for you
No need to talk
Just stay.

And I know this now
You pulled me out of my dunes
And that is your way of saving.
And it isn’t mine.
Because I intend
To be whatever you need
If I can
If you let me.

And perhaps that’s it.
We have journeys
And when I’m done with mine
Or with a part of it,
I’ll be the bridge
To help you cross yours.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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