If I Leave

It’s nice enough to know
I was heard
Someone listened
When I thought
I was crying
To the wind.

And thus the wind
Has carried something back for me
Something that could have
Would have
Changed something before;
Something I couldn’t
Know what to do with now.

It’s too late still
To apologize
For there is nothing more to forgive
It’s too late still
To talk of should have’s and could have’s
For there is nothing else it could change.

And I’ll be keeping your words,
Or at least some of them
And what I think they meant,
As I know what to do,
I know not what must be done.
And I’m taking my time
That something will change,
Else, I’ll start walking.

Ideal as it is
That I don’t need to,
But it isn’t.
So I hope for the easy path
Where you’ll hate me
Spite me
Judge me, as you said,
And finally forget me–
It’s a journey you’ll have to take
To do what’s right
Not for you
Not for me
But I know it is right.

You’re better off without me
Without my baggage
Without the complexities I bring.
Better off with the simplicity
That will come when I leave.


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