Hanging on the ceiling
Plump and fragile
Bobbing up and down
Moving to the whims
Of the gusty wind.
Will you pop it
And let all come out
Til it deflates
Like my heart,
Like me.
Or keep it
With you
Near you
And take it as your own?

Floating mid air
With no direction of its own.
Will you watch it float away
To wherever it may go,
Or pull all the strings attached
And tie it to your hands
So your fingers will point
Where it goes

Never self sustaining.
Will you leave it be
Til all air escapes
Leaving it sad
Like a dried up apple
Or breathe air into it
Whenever it needs
Whenever you can
From your lungs
To its chambers
A part of you
Perpetually kept
For all eternity.



Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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