I am bitter.
And with good reason.
For I have all the right in the world to be so.
And even if I don’t.
I deserve such reprieve.

Am I crying?
Right now?
Because I’m back to square one.
And you’re not.
Because I’m back under the sheets.
And you’re out with a new replacement.
Because I ate the words you fed me.
And you’re feeding it to somebody else now.
And a part of me hopes that’s me.
And a part of me doesn’t.
Because I can’t believe the best promises anymore.
Not even the worst of all.

Am I sad?
Right now?
Until now.
Because you feel no remorse–
None at all.
And I’m here paying for all the loss.

If life is fair.
If the universe believes in justice.
If equity is alive and living.
Then come to me now.
Come to me soonest.
For the naive heart can only do so much.
The idealistic mind could only stay sane this much.
And them being together can only live this much.


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