You’ve died a thousand deaths.
From way too far away lives.
Yet you always come back here,
To walk among us,
Just like us.
Because we never learn.
And whatever it is,
That the universe fancies,
We are at its mercy.
And if it sees,
That yes, we never learn,
We’ll get thrown back to the seas
Of faces, and places,
Of forgetfulness.
And a tinge of bliss.

It was never fair.
For we have no way to carry out
What we knew before
To who we are now,
And maybe that’s the point–
It’s hit or miss,
All or nothing,
1 or 0.
It cannot be that exact.
It can’t be definite.

But who am I to ask?
I know nothing.
We know nothing.
I am nothing.
We are nothing.
Or perhaps no,
Not really,
Not exactly.


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