I Got Them Gold Tickets Today

I got them gold tickets today,
Front row seats for the trip,
No more backseat driving for me,
I’d take those wheels, this is how I reap.

I might write a song or two,
But I’m not fancy, like that,
I’d take a swig, if I drink too,
But I don’t, not in front of my cat.

I’m playing with words,
For no reasons why,
Except that I know I am my world,
And it’s great to be alive.

In this moment of lucidity,
Or perhaps lack thereof,
A sudden burst of happiness,
Here as I nurse the sick (who is me).

Funny that you feel most alive,
When, and after, you lose a “reason” why.
But years in life has taught me that,
Such is life, such is life.

And I’m back on track,
For the time being,
That what will be will be,
And I’ll never get a hold of the full rein,
But what I can do is smile,
Again and again.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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