Thank You For The Poetry

I’d tell myself not to,
But on the most unguarded,
The most vulnerable moment,
It pops right into my mind.
Like a hand that grabs the ankle
When you least expect it,
A ghost’s call to your name,
And there’s no way to escape.

And so the song plays along,
A minor key here,
A 7th there,
And all is nice and perfect and great,
Until the bridge comes on,
With a different tune,
Crumbling, groaning,
And I tried to bring back the melody,
The chorus,
The perfect parts,
But you refused it,
You didn’t cross it,
The very bridge I set my foot into,
Because you said we’ll make it,
And so I climbed and crossed and waited in the middle,
To the you that never came,
To the you I cannot blame,
To the you I cannot name,
To the you who brought my trust to shame.
And so I fell
Down into the hole you and I created,
Down to the hole you dug yourself,
The hole where I merrily sunk my neck,
Knowing it’ll be fine
Until it wasn’t.
Until everything crumbled,
Until it hits me in the face,
With the fact that it’ll never work,
You say.
The fact that all was a lie,
Except they aren’t.
The face that all was true,
Except they weren’t.
The fact that I keep writing
Of what I swore never to speak of,
Never to think of.

But still with a wounded everything,
I’d thank you for the poetry,
For all that inspired me,
To believe in the good,
To believe in the world.
And that the dull ache is here,
The hopeful thinking,
And the ache that it’ll never be.
The next chapter,
So full of the previous one,
The getting lost,
And getting there,
And getting my bearings back,
And getting myself back.

And perhaps one day.
Perhaps one day.


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