I See Flashes of Your Face:

I see flashes of your face:
Against the flickering lights;
In all the shades of your favorite hue;
Upon the blank face of my bedroom walls.

I hear the sound of your name:
In the soft murmurs of the wind;
And the gentlest whispers of the trees;
Through the littlest creaks on my kitchen ceiling.

I smell the scent of your hair:
Lingering in the air–
When the wind blows against the curtains;
When my hand runs along familiar folds and pieces.

I feel the warmth of your arms:
In the sweater you lent me one cold morning;
In the coffee we shared one evening;
In the sun light waking me up everyday.

I feel you everywhere–
And I hope you do too,
Feel me, even somewhere
Will do.