Farewell, Fare Well

And now that the curse is broken,
I was released from the clutch with the truth unspoken.
The truth I always knew was there
The truth, unchanged, for all the world’s care.

And now that I am free,
My impossible love, I thank you for the poetry.
The lines I wrote for the ghost of you
Up until then, at least they were true.

And now that I fell asleep without you in my mind,
I woke up, glad with all the treasures I can find.
That I can finally let my heart set sail,
Away from where my words did nothing but to rail.

And now that I chose to close the curtain
And forget about you, this much is certain
It’s enough for you to be a star that shone when I write,
Much like who I was to someone- me and my supposed “light.”

And now that I’m writing the closing chapters
To the story you’ll never get to read
I’d remember the big smiles and small laughters,
That, and everything else that we both need.

And now that I realized that I’m talking to you,
With the confidence that you’ll never hear my voice
Or read these words or see me through,
Let me just say that this is my choice.

And now that I’m running out of words to say,
As I have exhausted all before, if you may,
Let me close everything behind,
Leave everything that you may remind.

And now that I had done nothing but the impede the silence
That follows every end of my poems
Let me wish that you may fare well,
And that you’d be spared from the eyes that swell.


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