Of course I Do

Of course I like you.
I’ve always have, I still do,
In all of the silent poems, screaming,
In all of the songs, pleading.

Of course I adore you,
I’ve always wished you do, too
In all of the smiles and laughters,
In all of the hearts beating, faster.

Of course I write to you, for you,
And in all the inexplicatives in my mind and yours,
In the multitude of faces and voices I thought was you–
Maybe it is, I was just too blind to notice,
Or maybe it isn’t, and I was seeing what wasn’t there.

Of course I think of you,
And in all the unthinkable thoughts running through our minds,
In doubts and hopes and lies,
And the questions and what if’s and what not’s and why’s.

Of course I do.


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