on my perenial love-hate relationship with you

the quietness–
the messages transmitted through silence,
like everything in the bloodstream;
silent but nonetheless complete..

the wordlessness–
the path of least resistance,
like the running waters of the river;
hitting stones but forever flowing.

the poems–
for thoughts clear enough to be words,
like the field of light cast by the moonlight’s glow;
plain and true.

the songs–
for feelings strong enough to be tunes,
like a bird’s song against the murmurs of the trees;
with highs and lows of pure candor.

the words–
for the lies you tell yourself,
like the fact that you are well and fine;
little lies you tell to get by.

the lies–
the words you hear but can’t accept,
like the reasons why you are genuinely special;
words you deem false and untrue.

the shadows–
for the false thoughts and feelings you’d like to hide,
like the hideous secret of a prideful maiden;
cracked and stained but permanently present.

the escape–
for the moments of weakness and pure surrender,
like a beaten down ship traveling to port,
with its white sail hoisted for utter defeat.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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