A few days ago, I got an amazing comment from PickdUp, inviting me for an interview about poetry and my posts. Starting out this blog with the idea of simply giving my works a chance to see the sunlight and some fresh air instead of collecting dust in my notes, I never expected something like this. Of course,  experiencing this for the first time, I was very excited about the whole idea. And as I was getting stressed for a halfway-decent photo to share, I tried to answer the questions as truthfully as I can (probably the reason why I failed miserably at the “grace” department. HAHAHA). Well anyway, here is the link of the said website:


And while I’m at it, I want to thank everyone who’s kind enough to read, like, appreciate, and/or leave their thoughts on my works. And I am deeply sorry for some unreplied messages, I’ve been trying to sort things out with myself again. And I hope to get out of this ditch (and stay out too) as soon and as long as possible so I could write better, more positive things 🙂


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