The cool breeze against your face,
As your hair flutters against the wind,
With your eyes lightly closed,
And a smile following your sigh of relief.

The warmth of the sunlight,
Piercing against the cold air,
Melting the frozen hopes in your heart,
Reminding you of the dreams you commanded to sleep.

The hushed whisper of the trees,
Echoing in you mind,
Recalling the slightest hint of nature in your heart,
Inviting you back to where you came from.

The stream of everything you’re taking in,
Swaying your soul back and forth,
Uplifting you, away from earth’s grasps,
Carrying you to where you spirit resides.

The flow of the words within you,
Surging stronger and stronger,
Til you can suppress them no more,
With your wild eyes roaming, thoughts looking for their way out.

The beat of the music,
Joining the pulse of the thoughts in your mind
As you write them down, with your hands
Dancing with the melody of your words.

Then silence.
And peace.
A sigh.
Then a stop.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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