The words–
Faceless words of a stranger.
Taking comfort in anonymity,
And mutual confidentiality.

The words–
Polite, measured words of a stranger.
Placing trust on masked faces,
And the fallible idea of not leaving traces.

The words–
Kind, funny words of a stranger.
Carrying you to places you’ve never been,
You and this stranger have never seen.

The words–
Dependable words of a now familiar face.
Easing you out with that familiar visage.
Marking its spot in your life’s montage.

The words–
The words kept between you and this once-stranger.
The reclusive place you share together, separately.
Yet existent only with the presence of the other.

The words–
Everything started with words exchanged with this once-stranger.
Eventually replacing the music that filled the lonely mornings,
Eventually bridging the gaps caused by mournings.


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