“Hi.” ‘Hello.’

‘What’s up?’
“Nothin’ much;
Just chillin.”

“Where you from?”
‘We don’t have winter here.’
‘Sometimes I curse it.’

Small talks.
Weather talks.
Online, personal–
Still weather talks.

You both like music.
“Hey.” ‘Hi there.’
“Send me nudes.”

“Hi.” ‘Hello.”
“Might have made me sound a douchebag;
Saying ASL? Sorry”
‘Nah. It’s cool.’

“What music do you like?”
‘A lot, actually; varying genre.’
“Wow. I like them too.”

“It’s an app for talking and sending pics.”
‘Oh. Lemme check.’

Some times, I’d get lucky:
Get real talks–
Music, books, zombie apocalypse.
Funny people. weird people, places.


Day 1. I spent the whole day holed up at home, alternating between internet and sleeping. I lost the sense of time (again). But things are still okay, until the thought of school comes along. That’s when I sleep or drown the thoughts with internet. I think I need to get a life.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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