Perhaps this is just my mind–
A figment of imagination,
My mind wandering off reality
Into a happier fantasy.

Perhaps this is just my mind,
Playing with my heart
Creating make believe stories,
For my fragile being.

But perhaps the reality is–
I’d choose to live in this fantasy,
If this is where you are,
If this is where I matter to you.

Yes, perhaps this is the reality,
That I’d let myself slide into a place– imaginary
With all the colors in perfect tones and harmony,
The perfect shades of dark and light.


I write this spontaneously, with a heavy heart, and I do not know why.


7 thoughts on “Figment

  1. billieazahir says:

    I guess it really does not matter why a person writes poetry as long as it has lyrical beauty, and this does for sure. In time, you will figure out the why. Until then, enjoy the now.

  2. The Other Side of Ugly - Letters to Humanity says:

    Sorry your heart is heavy and you don’t know why… sometimes the weight of life and love is heavy. I wish for you sweet person peace. Deep breathes. Look up. Look out. Remember right now how very, very lucky we are to simply be alive. Good and bad, heavy and light. It is so much better than not existing at all. Big cyber hug. Sheri

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