Perpetually Optimistic

They told me to stop.
That this must end right now,
Before I dream higher
Only to plunge to my death.

They told me to go.
And search for meaning somewhere else,
For nothing good comes out
From hurting quietly, alone.

They told me to let go–
This idealism would be the death of me.
This blind belief in perpetuality,
Purity and honesty.

They told me to live,
And be happy with me life,
And it is not through this
That I’ll achieve true bliss.

But my insistent mind won’t let up–
It’ll let my heart suffer in pain and sorrow,
It’ll never let me give up,
It’ll make me hope for tomorrow.

My hopeful heart won’t back down–
It’ll take the hardest blows,
It’ll comfort me when I’m alone,
It’ll thrive against pain, it’ll grow.

So now I am firm with my resolve,
Walk straight, proud face,
My heart and mind at peace–
So long does my soul find ample light,
I’ll trudge bravely through this endless night.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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