In A Few Day’s Time

Just a few more days,
A few more nights,
And I can finally resume
My consumptive state of mind.

A little more patience
A few day’s time
And I could stop thinking,
And now listen to my mind, talking

Just a couple more days,
About a week’s time
Then I could stop moving, working
And resume my passive-state existence.

Just some more sleeping,
Some more waiting,
Then I could finally pause
And grieve– start wailing.

Just a few more days
To hold myself still
Come quick, proper time
To let all these things spill.


The only problem I have for Christmas is where I’m gonna spend it. But aside from that, it’s a great time to reveal, face, reflect, embrace and work on all the emotions I’ve been repressing since time immemorial.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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