Caffeine Hangover

The lingering taste lurking in my mouth.
The ghost faintly present in every breath.
The bittersweet scent that remains hours after,
This caffeine-induced kind of hangover.

The acquired taste of bitterness–
Accentuated with the slight sweetness,
Tamed by this creamy mildness,
My sanity measured in teaspoons and cups.

The simple joy in its perfect warmth,
Neither too cold, nor too hot–
Warm enough to bring comfort and peace,
Cool enough to tame its heat.

Sleep stolen away, night after night,
The modest price I pay for my poetry.
The modest price I pay in the hope to see the light–
Insomnia in exchange for this insanity.


2 thoughts on “Caffeine Hangover

    • Andy says:

      Joan, I don’t know where this shop of yours will be, but eventually, I’d like to find it. Thanks a lot 🙂

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