We all need tho…

We all need those people who’ll see us through our sloppy ways and lazy days–those people who will accept and care for you, just as you are. And the moment we realize that sometimes, these are the people whom we share no common lineage or bloodline, we learn to value them, more than we value ourselves.

Through everything, I’ve come to value people who treat you as family, and love you as a daughter, or a sister from a different bloodline and family name. And what brings me to tears is the realization that the totality of my being would not be complete without them, and that I could not possibly save myself from my own mind without them. So, I may be non-existent in the eyes of my biological family tree, I’m happy to say I’ve managed to extend my roots and be part of not only one, but many adoptive families. And I’ve come to place so much value in them because they were those who proved that there is something ‘thicker than blood,’ and that is pure love.

*I have so many issues written all over my body,  I have no space for a tattoo.*


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