Panic Attack

Terrified with the inevitability
Of this impending meeting,
The constantly nagging terror
From  the face I deeply fear

The racing blood towards the head
As you hear your own heart pounding
Louder, faster, wilder than ever
The insistent want to shrink and disappear

The irrationality of this anxiety,
The ambiguity of its origin,
Its story that sublimed into my repressed thoughts
Memories I need, and want, but can’t escape from

The panic attacks from haunting dreams
The omnipresent thoughts through day’s end
The flashing words, restless in my head
My fingers drumming the keys–
Giving birth to these words into this ruthless world.


4 thoughts on “Panic Attack

  1. parachuteplanner says:

    This poem really puts into words that rushing feeling that comes with panic attacks. That last line of the third paragraph really sums up the… Lostness? (If you hear a gunshot, that’s my English teacher) You totally gave me the warm, fuzzy “holy shit I’m not the only crazy one!” Thanks!

  2. Andy says:

    I guess this is the result when you rant while trying to control yourself from doing something stupid during a panic attack. Thanks for reading 😀

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