How You Stand on Your End in My Perspective

To be called yours again,
To belong to you again
No matter how apparent, how faint–
Is like music to my heart and soul

To know that you mind,
To see you’re neither blind
Nor oblivious of the things I say
Melts the stone in my heart away

To feel, and to hear
To touch, and to be near
Are the things I’ll look forward to
But today, these shall do

To know that my hoping isn’t in vain–
That I am remembered, eases the pain
That you yourself caused,
And I myself allowed you to cause

To know that you are at the other end of this promise
And to know that your words won’t vanish
Dries my tears away, and lifts my spirits up
Lights up my face, smiling through the gaps.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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