Being All Too Human

I’m not perfect:
I get insecure
I get bitter, and envious
And so do you.

I’m not perfect:
I hate, I tease
I get mood swings and pimples
And so do you.

You’re not perfect:
You feel inadequate
You lie, you swear
And so do I.

You’re not perfect:
You feel exhausted
You trip, you fail
And so do I.

Nobody’s perfect:
We forget, we mess up
We break promises
We all do.

Nobody’s perfect:
We yell, we get mad
At one point we wish someone dead
We all do.

It’s pointless do deny,
There’s no need to hide
For we all are guilty,
Varying on levels only.

And so, I could only forgive
And understand
When I know we’re equals
On being all too human.


4 thoughts on “Being All Too Human

    • Andy says:

      I agree. Same goes for other people. Once we accept our own faults, we must realize how it is for others to live wîth that. So it shouldn’t be so hard accepting theirs.

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