Dear Dad

I miss the way I steal your coffee
The sarcasm, the way you talk to me
I miss the jokes delivered badly
I terribly miss you, Daddy

The late night talks
And outside walks
Funny stories that make me choke
Oh, yeah, and the inside jokes

You have taught me what trusting means
Forgiving people, regardless of sins
Smiling when things are bursting at the seams
Letting me stay up, playing Sims

You’re a crazy father, but that’s okay
I’m crazy, too, hey hey hey
You know me better than anyone in the world–
Awkward, shy, most of the time bored

You perfectly know I talk in my sleep
Whenever I’m just too sick
You were there when I’m at my peak
You were here whenever I’m weak

You were my mom and dad in one
You were my bestfriend, my confidante
I was never the same since you’ve been gone
Always hiding, on the run

You would know how to comfort me
Or when you need to let me be
But you were gone, now look at me
Poetry’s my therapy, see, an apostrophe!


7 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Sharon Nyatanga says:

    i just missed my dad more just reading this. thank you for taking me back to the good times

    • Andy says:

      Thank you so much for reading, Sharon. Glad to know this took you back to the good times, as that what was I was trying to achieve on my end, too. Thanks again 🙂

  2. po3tic says:

    You know Andy, being socially awkward and feeling alone and isolated just means that you are actually someone worth knowing! 🙂
    I hate people in general because most people don’t think about anything and simply react like trained animals so its no wonder you don’t relate to them, you’re probably very intelligent, introspective, intuitive and wise beyond your years; these are all good things!

    • Andy says:

      I really don’t know what to say. Thanks…I guess. Haha (I REALLY suck at taking compliments).

      I also do not like people who do things just because they were told to do so, and I’m hoping that I get to decrease their number by being a good teacher. (Now I’m just saying a lot of things. I hate it when my thoughts spiral out of the topic. Haha).

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