My Cluttered Mind These Days

For every bruise that heals
Come out two more for its place
For every wound that binds
Come out two more scars to remind the past

For every tear that falls
Come out more from the soul
For every night that’s cold
Comes out the lonely breeze of memory

For every smile that you see
Comes out the bitterness in you
For every success that you witness
Comes out the desperation in you

For all that it’s worth
You were never like this–
You were once like them,
Sometimes, better even

But things happen, people go
People change,so and so–
Maybe you just have to get used
To what you have become, the new you

Maybe if you cry less, think less
Breathe, and enjoy, and live
Live, don’t just breathe
Live, don’t just exist

Perhaps if you try a little more smile
Then things wouldn’t be so vile
And face each day with courage in your heart
Really it’s hard, but only at the start


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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