Bipolar Tendencies Resolved

At times I feel vulnerable–
Like the roof mercilessly beat up by the storm
Or the grassblades whose path
Rely on the whim of the breeze

At times I feel uncomfortable
Like a child overhearing grown up talks
Or someone trying to find something
To do with their twitchy hands

At times I feel alone
Like a bird that sings to no one
Or a speck of dust in the corner
Of a long abandoned house

But at times I feel invincible
With all the nervous energy around me
And I surprise myself every moment
With the marvels my mind could create

Sometimes I feel beautiful
That who I am inside radiates
For everyone to see, to inspire–
To let theirs shine through
The blinds of mediocrity

Sometimes I feel worthy
Of all the good things in the world
And everybody is, not just me
To smile, to celebrate

But with all these contentions
My mind presents unto itself,
I trudge through life daily
With a cautious heart and mind
That neither good nor bad is constant

That they coexist
Right here, right now
At the same place and time
Oblivious of our choices, or whims, or desires


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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