A Last Attempt Before I Sleep

I am neither a clouded star
Nor a muse for your poems
I am spoiled and rotten,
Can’t you see these frays?

For the beauty that you see
Twinkling in your sky–
That is nothing like me
Now, don’t ask why

But if I must concede
That I am your clouded star, indeed
Then just remember these
Just remember these:

Stars are best seen from afar
Stand too close and you shall burn
Stare too long and it’s the last thing you’ll ever see
And that is how it will ever be

A star is meant only to be seen
You may never touch it,
Or keep it between your arms
You may never own it, and call it all yours

A star can be loved, only from afar
And a chance of a glimpse is all you have
You cannot make it stay, or follow your will
You can only wish, and wait if you will.

So, no I’m not a star to inspire your art
But I out there, distant, afar
I am not a muse to offer your words to
So I’m gonna stop, now won’t you?


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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