Please Do Not Reply to Me in Poetry

Please do not reply to me in poetry
For I won’t fall for it
Forget your niceties too
As I would like you to forget me too

Please do not speak so kindly
As if you know me personally
You do not know the demons in me
So please just let me be

Please do not hope to see me
Because there is no possibility
That I’d let you like me
More than what you claim to be

Please do not fall for me
Because I wouldn’t want to hurt you
For you know my difficulty
And you know I won’t be yours fully

Please do not fall for my voice
For it hides my inner sorrow
Though you try to soothe them now
Eventually, that is something
The future won’t allow

Please do forget me
And escape from my personal mess
I swear, please believe me
This way, it’ll hurt you less.


Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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