Hanging on the ceiling
Plump and fragile
Bobbing up and down
Moving to the whims
Of the gusty wind.
Will you pop it
And let all come out
Til it deflates
Like my heart,
Like me.
Or keep it
With you
Near you
And take it as your own?

Floating mid air
With no direction of its own.
Will you watch it float away
To wherever it may go,
Or pull all the strings attached
And tie it to your hands
So your fingers will point
Where it goes

Never self sustaining.
Will you leave it be
Til all air escapes
Leaving it sad
Like a dried up apple
Or breathe air into it
Whenever it needs
Whenever you can
From your lungs
To its chambers
A part of you
Perpetually kept
For all eternity.


Why I Never Talked

I don’t have everything figured out
I just figured out
From everything
That’s happened and happening.

I have no words to say
So I’ll offer you my embrace
Here are my arms if you wish to stay
Here where you can reach me for all of the days.

Here are my ears to lighten the load
Here are my feet to walk with you on the road
Here are my eyes to always see your worth
Here are my voice, when you’re going South, I’ll point you North.

Here is my silence
Here is my patience
Here is my heart you could use as your own
Here is the same person you’ve always known.


I’d hold onto the reins
Pull you closer
Across all borders
Til I can hold you through pain.

I’d cross all paths
To set my foot next to yours
See every hole, sew some patches
Dry your eyes til nothing pours.

I’d write words to you
Even if you mightn’t read ‘em
Only know I try to be true
See the rawness rhymes can’t conceal even then.

Insomnia, Paranoia, and Sleep

Take small pieces of your heart
And lay them in verses.
Take them from various parts
Of where you store your senses.

Patch him up inside
So he can feel again.
And if he sends you outside,
This time, don’t bargain.

Listen to the words
Tumbling in your mind
Write them down like chords
Whose matches are hard to find.

Let tears and yawns flow
To bring peace to your exhausted soul
There are things you’ll never know
There are things you’re willing to pay the toll.

Let sleep come after you
Luring you into peaceful Limbo
Time flows even when you’re asleep too
Bringing answers you need to know.


None of them used to matter,
Said we’d jump over them together,
So why are they your weapons now?
You managed to do it, somehow.

None of them was ever a problem,
Said these are little things, we shouldn’t be bothered,
So why are they now the make-or-break?
Another heartbreak is what I couldn’t take.

None of us was ever afraid,
We were falling and it’s okay, you said.
So why are now consumed by each other’s issues?
Why can silence be this misused?

Even If.

If everyone else
Is at an arm’s length,
Is within my reach,

If everyone else’s
Are the stares piercing through me,
Are the voices drowning me in,

If everyone else
Is the warmth to my cold days,
Is the wall to lean on,

I’d still choose you.
Even if.

You aren’t at arm’s length.
You aren’t within my reach.
Yours aren’t, the stares piercing through me.
Yours aren’t, the voices drowning me in.

For the world was closing in on me.
And you looked and saw something worth redeeming.
And you used yourself to patch me up.
Now I’ll use myself to fix you up.


He wanted her back.
She was waiting,
For him to give what he lacked.

Since the first few words, she knew–
It was she who wanted it more.

It’s happening.
All words held back come crashing,
Pouring heavy and they were soaked.

They’re sailing.
Careful, and steady
To patch old holes.

They’re the whirlwind.
Mad and all over the place,
Touching across all that space.